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At Remedium Wellness, we have many clients that regularly visit our therapy centre from around the Worcester area.

If you are in Worcestershire and need a top quality Kidderminster Osteopath, Deep Tissue Medical Massage, Sports Therapy or Combined Therapy then we can help you. 

Therapy Options

Get treated today at Remedium Wellness


What sports therapy services does Remedium Wellness in Worcester provide?

  1. Remedium Wellness offers a comprehensive range of sports therapy services, including expert sports massage and dry needling, to alleviate muscle tension, enhance athletic performance, and speed up recovery.

How can osteopathy at Remedium Wellness benefit me?
  1. Our skilled osteopaths at Remedium Wellness in Worcester employ holistic techniques to address various musculoskeletal issues, providing personalised care to improve mobility and relieve pain.

Why choose Remedium Wellness for my sports massage needs?
  1. Remedium Wellness in Worcester is renowned for its exceptional sports massage services, utilising specialised techniques tailored to meet the unique needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, ensuring optimal performance and recovery.

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