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Combined Therapy

Introduction to Combined Therapy


Combined Therapy at Remedium Wellness (Worcester) represents an integrative approach to physical wellness and recovery, blending multiple therapeutic techniques. This method, encompassing services like dry needling, sports massage, Shockwave Therapy and personalised rehabilitation, is tailored to provide a holistic treatment experience. It's ideal for those seeking comprehensive care, addressing a wide range of physical conditions and promoting overall health and performance enhancement.









Benefits of Combined Therapy in Worcester


The benefits of Combined Therapy are extensive, particularly for those dealing with complex physical conditions or seeking overall wellness enhancement. This therapy combines different modalities to maximise recovery, improve flexibility, enhance muscular strength, and offer pain relief. It's particularly effective in ensuring a well-rounded approach to health, considering both the physical and supportive needs of clients.


Our Combined Therapy Approach

Our approach to Combined Therapy at Remedium Wellness is client-centric, involving a thorough assessment to create a tailored treatment plan. This plan may include a combination of dry needling, sports massage, Shockwave Therapy, physical rehabilitation, and other modalities as needed. Each therapy complements the others, providing a comprehensive treatment experience designed for maximal therapeutic benefit.

Rehabilitation with Combined Therapy

Combined Therapy is a cornerstone of our rehabilitation services, offering a more dynamic and versatile approach to recovery. By integrating various treatment techniques, we can address multiple aspects of an injury or condition simultaneously. This not only speeds up the recovery process but also ensures a more sustainable return to optimal physical health.

Choosing Remedium Wellness for Combined Therapy

Selecting Remedium Wellness for Combined Therapy means opting for a multi-disciplinary approach to health and recovery. Our team's diverse expertise, combined with our commitment to personalised care, positions us as a premier choice for those seeking a comprehensive therapeutic experience. We focus on delivering high-quality, individualised care to meet the unique needs of each client.

Success Stories in Combined Therapy




Book Your Combined Therapy Session

Embark on a path to comprehensive health and recovery with a Combined Therapy session at Remedium Wellness. Contact us to schedule your appointment and start your journey with our expert team. Our holistic approach and personalised care are key to guiding you through a successful therapeutic experience. Book now and unlock the full potential of Combined Therapy for yourself.






What are the unique benefits of Combined Therapy compared to single-modality treatments?

Combined Therapy really covers all bases when it comes to achieving a thoroughly positive therapeutic outcome! The use of multiple modalities ensures our patients leave feeling their time and money have been well spent, with a therapeutic outcome that is often far more thorough than that of a single modality! ​

How is Combined Therapy tailored to individual needs?

Here at Remedium here in Worcester, we ensure that our combined therapy is completely tailored to the individuals presentation. Your Combined Therapist is a highly skilled practitioner that will be able to help diagnose your injury, and then build a fully bespoke treatment plan around that condition. For example, if a patient comes in with knee pain which turns out to be runners knee following some diagnostic testing, your practitioner will ensure the techniques used to address this issue are specific, and provide evidence based efficacy! 

What range of conditions can Combined Therapy effectively address?

Combined Therapy can be used to treat a multitude of different conditions due to the multi-facetted nature of the techniques employed. Some example conditions of what combined therapy has had success with treating in the past are as follows; 

- Golfers/ Tennis Elbow

- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

- Myalgia

- Headaches and Migraines

- Sciatica 

- Disc Bulges

- Rib Pain

- Runners Knee

- Tedonitis/ Tendinopathy

- ITB Syndrome 

- Bursitis

- Frozen Shoulder

- Muscle strain

- Plantar Fasciitis

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